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The 'RASCAL' Approach to Problem-Solving

The ‘RASCAL’ Approach to Problem-Solving: Self-Help Tools for Recovery from Depression, Anxiety and Anorexia

Mental health conditions such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder and anorexia nervosa all require much help support from a variety of sources in order...

Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia: Signs, Symptoms, and Causes

Everyone experiences anxiety. It’s a normal response to stressful and dangerous situations. However, anxiety can become overwhelming and lead to an anxiety disorder such...

How to Spot a Liar

Everyone lies about something; white lies, which are those concocted to spare somebody's feelings are not a big deal most of the time. The...
beat depression

Effectively Defeat Depression and Anxiety: Recovery Offers Tools & Camaraderie for Sufferers of Mental...

Recovery meetings are to individuals suffering from mental illness that Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are to those struggling with alcoholism. The late Dr. Abraham Low...

Depression and Anxiety Start with a Negative Thinking Personality

Anxiety is characterized by fear, whether real or imagined, that builds to a crescendo. The problem arises when a person cannot turn off the...