Effectively Defeat Depression and Anxiety: Recovery Offers Tools & Camaraderie for Sufferers of Mental Illness

    beat depression

    Recovery meetings are to individuals suffering from mental illness that Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are to those struggling with alcoholism. The late Dr. Abraham Low established the meetings in 1937 to provide a structured form of assistance for his patients. Meetings are centered around Dr. Abraham Low’s lectures and books, especially his work, Mental Health Through Will Training. During meetings, members share their experiences dealing with their anxious and depressive symptoms using Dr. Low’s methods.

    Fight Mental Illness

    Dr. Low believed that patients did not have to analyze their past in order to treat their symptoms of depression or anxiety but instead tackle their illness by controlling their temperament and continuously using their will in fighting their symptoms. He established a system of “spotting,” or recognizing troublesome thoughts or feelings and constantly countering them with more secure and realistic thoughts and beliefs. For example, if an individual suffering from an everyday headache has the belief it is a sign of a brain tumor (even in spite of receiving a clean bill of health), he or she can refer to a list of phrases to replace their frustrating thoughts.

    Make Your Mental Health Most Important

    The core of Dr. Low’s therapy is that everything is trivial compared to a person’s mental health/inner peace. Not to suggest that a person cannot encounter events, such as death or illness, that can upset one’s mental state but that, in the event that it causes depression or anxiety, that it then be considered second to one’s mental health, and the person concentrate on healing his mental state before anything else. In addition, Dr. Low recommends that individuals consider themselves average instead of important or an exception; this thought allows the patient to not have high, idealistic expectations of themselves and their efforts.

    Encourage Every Effort to Improve Mentally

    Dr. Low believed that it was not only important for persons to think of themselves as average but also to praise themselves for any effort that they put forth to improve their mental state. Sufferers of depression often find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning; however, even the slightest endeavor to fight the depressive feelings, such as just sitting up, or putting their feet on the floor, needs to be recognized and lauded, or “endorsed”. When a person endorses themselves for their efforts regardless of the outcome it counters negative self-talk and inner criticism.

    Find a Support Meeting

    Recovery, Inc.’s website includes a directory of meetings across the country as well as abroad. Individuals can also attend meetings via telephone if they cannot attend a local meeting. Unlike twelve-step programs, the recovery method and meetings make no reference to religion or any superior being. In fact, religion and politics remain outside the meeting room, as well as any discussion of professional treatment and medication as no medical professional is in attendance. Meetings are not to replace professional care but give individuals tools, peer-given examples and support to fight their illness and enrich their lives.