Understanding GHB Abuse And Addiction

ghb addiction treatment centers in FloridaNow that GHB has been around for a while, reports are surfacing from people who have issues managing their own usage (habituation) along with from those who experience physical withdrawal symptoms (addiction) after durations of heavy usage. These seem similar in level to the habituation and dependency that occur with heavy alcohol use, the main difference being that people usually feel much better after coming down off of a single heavy usage of GHB than they finish with heavy alcohol hangovers, so this can lead to an understanding that GHB has less negative side effects when used greatly.

Unfortunately for users, the results of constant use of GHB may have some very unfavorable physical and mental adverse effects. There are reports of very severe withdrawal symptoms including some reported deaths documented by Jo Ellen Dyer of the California Poison Nerve center and a collection of negative GHB-related info and forums can be discovered at Trinka Porrata’s Project GHB.

An excellent new file on addiction and treatment of GHB overuse was published in March 2001 by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Substance abuse detailing withdrawal signs and treatment guidelines. Definitely worth reading: GHB Withdrawal Syndrome. It has a great set of journal recommendations at the bottom of the article.


Many individuals take pleasure in the impacts of GHB enough that they discover themselves utilizing it more regularly than they intended to or are comfortable with. Utilizing GHB every weekend can become a few times a week or every night and can, for some individuals, become several times a day. People who discover themselves using GHB daily or numerous times a day for periods of weeks or months often report that they have some trouble stopping use. Some individuals have also report that after utilizing GHB daily for many months, weird psycho-physical effects, such as hearing bells constantly, were experienced.


Physical withdawal symptoms appear in some individuals who stop using GHB after more than a few consecutive days of duplicated use. Symptoms can include problem sleeping, anxiety, impatience, chest discomfort and tightness, muscle and bone aches, sensitivity to external stimuli (sound, light, touch), dysphoria, and mental dullness. The symptoms appear to last between a few days and 2 to 3 weeks as the body comes back into balance. We have actually gotten reports from a handful of individuals who have actually had trouble ceasing usage. For at least some portion of routine users, the mix of mental habituation and physical withdrawal signs can lead to heavy usage with great problem stopping.

GHB withdrawal happens in the majority of people who utilize it for more than one day in a row and the hangover from GHB use might possible be called a moderate type of withdrawal, given that the hangover can be treated with additional dosages of GHB/ 14b.


Numerous GHB users have the ability to stop utilizing on their own by stopping ‘cold turkey’ or by tapering down throughout 14 days. We have actually recieved a number of reports from heavy users who have explained a failure to stop cold, but had luck with tapering down over a couple weeks.

GHB Withdrawal is being treated with Benzodiazepines (valium, librium, ativan, etc), in addition to barbiturates, other gabaneric drugs such as gabapentin, beta blockers to deal with some of the undesirable muscle/heart results, vitamins. Antipsychotics are utilized in a few of the worst cases. From GHB Withdrawal Syndrome:

Many patients in GHB with-drawal have an incredibly high tolerance to the sedating results of benzodiazepines and need large regular doses much like those needed for the treatment of extreme alcohol withdrawal.