What Is PCP?Do not let compulsive PCP use control your life.

PCP addiction treatment centers in floridaPCP abbreviation for the powerful, dissociative sedative drug phencyclidine. PCP is found offered on the street in numerous kinds consisting of:White powder.

  • Crystal.
  • Pills.
  • Tablets.


The tablets can be discovered in multiple colors and, like numerous illegal substances, are distributed in hard to figure out dosages– often blended with other envigorating compounds. The numerous types can be swallowed, snorted, or smoked either alone or in combination with other drugs like tobacco, marijuana, and MDMA.

Where Did PCP Originate from?

The history of this chemical compound go back to the 1920s when it was at first established. In the 1950s, PCP was administered intravenously, as a surgical anesthetic. Due to a variety of undesirable side effects, it fell out of favor as a substance with practical medical usage. Today, pharmaceutical PCP is just seldom as a veterinary tranquilizer. Currently, the drug continues to be made in percentages for research study and screening, however most of the drug is made unlawfully.

Thinking of Getting Rehab for PCP?

Short-Term Results of PCP

The short-term results of PCP differ depending on the particular dose taken along with the route of administration used. As an example – when the drug is smoked – the impacts will begin in as few as 2 minutes.

Swallowing the drug slows the absorption and leads to the beginning of effects delayed till about 30 – 60 minutes.

In either case, the effects may last for as couple of as 4 hours and as many as 48 hours depending upon the quantity utilized.

Like its chemical cousin, ketamine, PCP is a dissociative sedative-anesthetic drug. It has hallucinogenic homes, nevertheless– implying that it is known to produce visual and acoustic distortions, along with perceptual changes. PCP’s dissociative impacts can result in a specific sensation removed from themselves or the world around them. While under the influence of PCP, somebody may feel temporarily divorced from reality, or that their body is not their own.

Dose and PCP’s Impacts

A low dose of PCP in between 1 and 5 mg will cause signs including:

Feeling numb and relaxation.
A sense of wellness and ecstasy.
Issues concentrating.
Slurred speech.
Loss of motor coordination.
Misperceptions of capabilities consisting of strength, speed, and invulnerability.
Odd, unpredictable, or unexpected behaviors.

Someone witnessing the results of PCP usage may observe the individual gazing blankly or revealing rapid-eye-movement sleep. In some cases, the individual utilizing PCP will be perfectly still for extended periods without reacting to stimulation.

A greater dose of PCP can lead to other results consisting of:

Seeing things that are not present.
Hearing things that are not there.
Misconceptions of splendour with inflated sense of significance.
Higher blood pressure and heart rate.
Breathing issues.
Raised body temperature.
Stress and anxiety, panic, and feeling extreme worry.