U-4770 Pink Drink-Lean

Purple Drank- Lean Addiction Treatment Centers in FLoridaPurple Drank is a prohibited recreational drink popular in the Southern United States rap neighborhood, whose main components initially included prescription strength cough syrup, containing codeine and promethazine, and either a carbonated soda (typically Sprite) or fruit juice. The purple-ish color of Purple Drank comes from the dyes in the cough syrup. Recently, the term has broadened to cover mixes consisting of over-the-counter cough syrup and vodka in place of prescription cough syrup. Other terms for Purple Drank include Barre, Oil, Purple Tonic, Lean (or Southern Lean,) Drank, and Syrup (which is sometimes slangly pronounced as Sizzurp.).

The active ingredient of purple consumed is codeine, an opiate medication contained in prescription strength cough syrups due to its antitussive homes. Some prescription cough syrups likewise consist of anti-histamine medications, such as promethazine, which have a mild sedative effect. When taken in large quantities, both medications can result in sedation and altered levels of awareness.

Houston manufacturer DJ Screw first promoted the concoction, which is extensively attributed as a source of motivation for the “sliced & screwed” style of hip hop music. Initially, the active component of “Syrup” was cough syrup including promethazine and codeine. The mixture first acquired appeal in the underground Houston, Texas rap scene and later infect other southern states.